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TOPTA Charter Sheet V2.1jpg.jpg

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2nd Draft Character Sheet

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Not yet complete, but getting there. Since the play testing that Casper, Stacey and I have been doing, I’ve learnt alot and updated it for the TOPTA D6 rules, which are slowly coming along. Hopefully already to for the new year.

I may have to organise a Porthcawl Weekend of Death for the final play testing…watch this space.TOPTA Charter Sheet V2.jpg

Not wholly related to TOPTA, but certainly Burning Car Press. The Big E, a near future space combat game is near completion and will be released around the same time as TOPTA. This is all tabletop gaming. Set a few hundred years in the the future and in the TOPTA timeline (a mere hundred years before CHARLIE) as the Zero Collective spread out from Mars.

Hide and seek amongstĀ  the planets of Sol, with a healthy dose of missile command thrown in for good measure



Current Production cover for the TOPTA – lite scenario “Charlie”

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Just a quick update to my hordes of admiring followers, writing has begun in earnest in order to finish the TOPTA rules, and the Burning Car Press website. Watch this space (and temporal shard).

Egg and Custard

The Big K


Go ahead punk, fry me in Lard !!!

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