When mime and flaying your arms about fail; there’s always dice.

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Play Test, Rules & Production

The main principle of the TOPTA system GOYA (Get Off Your Arse system) is that most basic actions can be performed by quick mime rather than slowing the game down by introducing a load of superfluous dice rolling, however….

There are occasion when dice are needed, mainly for two reasons

  1. The Player is incapable of performing a double back flip, scissor kick finish to his opponent thorax in a five foot by four foot room.
  2. The Player is incapable.
  3. Knowledge rolls beyond the knowledge of the player.
  4. The Player is incapable.
  5. When the Voice of Reason (VOR) has decision making issues.

Yes, TOPTA is crawling from the crashed space craft into the frozen tundra once again, with a Welsh Christmas play test in the pipeline and as yet to be determined final Weekend of Death play test in the new year. Nothing now can stop us, except death, catastrophic meteor impact, critic illness, injury or a good dose of apathy.

Wombats to you all


  1. jteakle says:

    looking forward to the playage immensely – the flayage not so much. Few fatal incidents involving the throwing of dice. Let’s forget the crit double blocked nasal passages suffocation tragedy of 2001 and I don’t think a couple of accidental blindings really count anyway, do they? Love and wombats back atcha. Jenx


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