Gosh Darn it! – with a silver lining

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Burning Car Press, Play Test, TOPTA, TOPTA-Lite

As you may have seen in the tweet I sent this morning I’ve postponed the launch of the Burning Car Press Web site. The first reason is that I’m having an issue with email for the site. A technical issue that I’m hoping will be resolved by the end of the week. The second was that due to illness, Friday’s play test of the TOPTA – Lite rules has had to be postponed until next Friday. It’s my intention to have some product for the site, so with out TOPTA-Lite the site would be a little empty.

The silver lining is that with luck and crossed fingers, the “Ringo” dice will be available. Yes, you heard it here – “Ringo- dice”

tune in and TOPTA out
strange followers


  1. jteakle says:

    will look forward to seeing the new website 🙂


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