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Still a work in progress, but generally happy with the layout. If you have any suggestions, please reply to this post.


Met with Stacey and Casper last night to run through the TOPTA D6 rules. We went through what I’ve produced so far and played around with some really good ideas, especially regarding how Time Agents access the skills and memories of the cadaver they inhabit.

I’m writing a small scenario mainly for the purposes of getting a handle of the combat part of the rules and we’ll be play testing that hopefully on the 15-16th June.


Thanks again to the Worthing play test team. The current additions are based on the video evidence they gave.


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Posted: May 17, 2018 in Game Play, New Release, Rules & Production, TOPTA

I could do with some feedback regarding the new rules I’m currently writing. To Ringo, to Ringo not?

There are three options.

  1. Remove Ringo Starr from the entire game.
  2. Keep Ringo Starr at his current level.
  3. Amend Ringo Starr, so the Children of Worthing (COWs) are hybrid variants of Ringo Starr, essentially, mention him once, then let it drift into the background of the game.

Can I get your feedback on this sticky”Ringo Starr” type dilema please?


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May 2018





I’m actually going to finish and print the game. I’m setting a deadline for Autumn (yes, that is a bit vague), but life has a way of getting in the way, so I thought I’d give myself some slack.

In real terms, I’m putting everything on hold except TOPTA. I had a lot of good feedback about the script I wrote for my Birthday Bash and chatted with loads of people regarding writing in general. I’ve had a few days to think about it, I toyed with the idea of finishing some script ideas and short stories, but all it did was open a can of worms as to which willow the wisp I should follow. So, I chose TOPTA for the following reasons: It’s nearly finished and I have play tested scenarios which need a polish, not an act of god.

So, guess what … I’m going to finish TOPTA.

I love you all. Prepare the Tequila.

Karl 25.4.2018