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Potentially a new TOPTA scenario.

Utopia by other means …


Thank You Jenny and Dave

Posted: March 8, 2014 in PWOD3, TOPTA

Cheers for PWOD 3 which wouldn’t have happened without your generosity. It was a great weekend and hopefully we will see you in better weather in south Wales soon.

Love from me and from Sarah, Livy and Martin (whom I believe will share my sentiment)

with your fetlocks flowing in the wind

My Lovely Horse, with your fetlocks flowing in the wind

you're sure of a big surprise.... FUCK! Dark Young of Shub Niggurath. RUN!!

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…. FUCK! Dark Young of Shub Niggurath. RUN!!

Added hit point check boxes and cadaver strength:

topta v2 character sheer

The Witan Whicker Man


The Witan Whicker Man

I won’t go into all the reason; some personal, some technical, some fiscal but there hasn’t been much movement on the whole Burning Car Press front of recent. To be honest, everything has pretty much come to a grinding halt, for which I can but apologise. Life as they say, gets very much in the way of our best laid plans. The good news, as I’m sure you will have by now guessed, is that there is once again motion. Victory, my poisoned children of time, is within our grasp.

  • So swill out those blood stained shot glasses.
  • Wipe clean the carpet of all those wasted bodily fluids.
  • Sieve that as yet unidentified tooth from the bottom of the Tequila.
  • Gird your loins and wipe away those tears.
  • Surrender, but don’t give yourself away.
  • Unfold your copy of TOPTA-lite and wipe the encrustment from your set of Ringo Dice (there on sale; did you know that?)
  • Prepare yourselves mein kinda; the grave calls louder to us all, but we’ve fun, madness and mockery yet to sing.

The site is up. The TOPTA lite rules are available and a scenario will soon be available too. Due in part to the change in the weather, Witches and Heros and The Big E, have also begun to lurch, spastic to a table top near you. And plans are afoot, from the besieged play testers of Worthing for a blitzkrieg to the soothing and melancholic mountains of southern Wales for PWOD 3. Yes, like poorly prepared beef tartare, the Porthcawl Weekend of Death is to repeat upon us. Time Agent Teackle, J is, as we speak, on the red phone (THE RED PHONE!!) to a bemused Welsh Milk Maid, negotiating landing rights for our crystal ships and for cattle upon which to experiment.

So rejoice. In 15 billion years, there’ll be no one to hear the laughter.

Karl x

from the moment the tequila touches your lips ...

from the moment the tequila touches your lips and the Cosmos cannon fires …