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Met with Stacey and Casper last night to run through the TOPTA D6 rules. We went through what I’ve produced so far and played around with some really good ideas, especially regarding how Time Agents access the skills and memories of the cadaver they inhabit.

I’m writing a small scenario mainly for the purposes of getting a handle of the combat part of the rules and we’ll be play testing that hopefully on the 15-16th June.


Thanks again to the Worthing play test team. The current additions are based on the video evidence they gave.


Love K

Potentially a new TOPTA scenario.

Utopia by other means …


Mumblings from the future

Posted: December 23, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I must apologise to all those who follow TOPTA. There hasn’t been any work. Everytime I sit down and try to write or re-write my mind just stops working. However, a new year approaches and fingers crossed there will be changes in my circumstances which I feel with allow me to re-apply my energies to the games.

So have a great Xmas and Happy New Year and watch cropped-topta-banner2.jpgout for the torn flesh, the black bile and smell of Tequila 🙂

The Witan Whicker Man


The Witan Whicker Man

Sorry that SCENARIO 1 – CHARLIE has been delayed. I’ve had to create some new art work and and I’ve also been tweaking the ending and character notes. However, CHARLIE will be ready for the weekend.


Thanks for your patience