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… long live PWOD 3.

The weekend of gaming and catching up is over, and what a great weekend it was. On Friday we played the latest TOPTA scenario, Dark Witan. I got lots of positive feedback regarding the scenario, especially regarding the horror and imagery in the scenario which was great. And I also go some great suggestions on games play, especially from the elfen, Jenny Teackle. I have a feeling that these will find their way into the version two rules which I hope to publish at the end of the summer, start of Autumn.

The only issues were due to a lack of preparedness on my part. With such able players this was of little consequence. And start time. We started about 9 o’clock in the evening. I’d been at work all day and everyone else had been traveling. So we started tired, which wasn’t the best way to start.

Saturday, was my first experience with Trail of Cthulhu using the gumshoe system. Martin Oakley, set us amongst the jet set, or should I say cruise line set, aboard the Titanic with a 3 thousand year old Egyptian priestess causing all sorts of trouble. I’m not 100% convinced about the system, though I certainly wouldn’t count myself as a detractor, but the scenario itself and the hand out was excellent. Martin also supplied some of his own hand outs in the form of some great Titanic books and an audio documentary, with interviews with survivors from the actual disaster.

We ended by watching HTV’s SKY from 1975 which is scary kids t.v. It’s very dated, but the imagery, concepts and atmosphere was superbly well judge to terrify 7 years olds.

Finally I must a big heartfelt thank you to David and Jenny. Without the generous and deep pockets I doubt PWOD 3 would have happened this year, as I for one am having severe financial difficulties and could not have afforded to run it. Fingers crossed, things will be better next year. So thank you, thank you, thank you and big sloppy kisses.

In regard to next year:

  1. Thanks to my eldest son asking me a question about the first world war, I now have the inspiration and a working title for for the next TOPTA scenario. “The Vampires of Vimy Ridge”.
  2. With the launch of the full version 2 TOPTA rules and support scenarios and the fact we have already begun to get interest from outside of the play test groups regarding the game, I may be looking to expand the scale of the PWODs. Or perhaps, PWODs should be friend only affairs only. Perhaps I should consider a separate event for that.
  3. I now have a lot of writing to do to complete the V.2 rules so thanks and goodbye.

Love and Rockets


Porthcawl, February 2014


Current Production cover for the TOPTA - lite scenario "Charlie"

Current Production cover for the TOPTA – lite scenario “Charlie”

It’s happening again. The crazed children of Worthing are play testing being the crazed children of Worthing yet again. Tonights the night in the sleepy suburbs that horror, Temporal Mechanics and Tequila meet in an love juice orgasm of RPG heaven and the last piece fall into play for the TOPTA light rules. Said rules being page set as we speak.

Anyway, my care free squid fiddlers; dada for now


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An Outline of Sorts

This is how the future was sold:

1. The universe as we know it is about to end. Bummer.

2. What are we going to do?

1. I know. Let’s construct some-sort of force dome about the city and ride out the heat death of the universe.

2. Sounds good. How longs that going to take?

1. 10 million years tops.

2. Mmmmm.

1. You don’t sound convinced.

2. My average life-span is only 120 years.

1. I know. You like porn ?

2. Well, of course, what right minded individual wouldn’t.

1. Do you like sex ?

2. Well …

1. With vast quantities of well oiled, tanned voluptuous people ?

2. Of course …. I …

1. Men hung like donkeys, women of exacting beauty, with great bouncy bits, who can suck and fuck, then fuck and suck again ?!

2. YES ! Goddamn ! YES !!!

1. Now imagine a future of genetically engineered beauty, designer drugs and free porno sex without consequence. An age of eternal youth, where when you get bored of one body, you can design another and swap you’re consciousness into whatever anorexic freak this years cat walk demands.

2. I can imagine that ! Honestly its’ like I’m there !

1. Right, well all we have to do freeze our brain/conciouness, and let the computers keep everything running and building lots of young bodies for us to occupy upon our return from hyper sleep

2. Mmmmmm

1. You don’t sound convinced ?

2. Computers. Don’t they sometimes goes wrong?

1. Not these one buddy. Remember, we live in the far future anyway, so these are super duper computers. Nothing – and I personally guarantee this – nothing can go wrong.

2. Well, as long as I don’t wake up in 10 million years time to discover I’m trapped in some fucking bleak Orwellian future, that’s fine.

10 million years in the future, Post Heat Death (PHD) This was how the future turned out:

Architecture of the future. It's a bit sodding bleak.

2. Oh my lack of God. I’ve woken up in some fucking bleak Orwellian nightmare ! Where are my porno Goddesses ? Where is that fucking salesman ? And why in the name of Barry McTavish, does every cunt look like Ringo Starr ?

Next Blog: Why every cunt looks like Ringo Starr