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I’m not looking to rewrite the entire rules, but since the original Indesign set has gone, I guess parts will be re-jigged.

I would really like to see MartinO run this with his guys in London. Just to get a little more feedback from another VOR (GM)

First on the agenda is to run Dark Witan with the Welsh posse. That does require a little re-write based on the feedback from the South East posse. I start my new job on February 16th, so I will be busy; however, the end of Feb should be possible.

More notes, history, stories and questions to come.


Mumblings from the future

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I must apologise to all those who follow TOPTA. There hasn’t been any work. Everytime I sit down and try to write or re-write my mind just stops working. However, a new year approaches and fingers crossed there will be changes in my circumstances which I feel with allow me to re-apply my energies to the games.

So have a great Xmas and Happy New Year and watch cropped-topta-banner2.jpgout for the torn flesh, the black bile and smell of Tequila 🙂

Current Production cover for the TOPTA - lite scenario "Charlie"

Current Production cover for the TOPTA – lite scenario “Charlie”

It’s happening again. The crazed children of Worthing are play testing being the crazed children of Worthing yet again. Tonights the night in the sleepy suburbs that horror, Temporal Mechanics and Tequila meet in an love juice orgasm of RPG heaven and the last piece fall into play for the TOPTA light rules. Said rules being page set as we speak.

Anyway, my care free squid fiddlers; dada for now


Ok, I know what I said, but ….


I’ve started putting scenario 2 together in InDesign CS5 and suddenly realised that it going to take longer than anticipated. Partly because I need to learn InDesign CS5 again and partly because I want to see how the Worthing play-test team handle said scenario  So… I’m putting the launch back again. 1 month and that’s it. Promise. Saturday July 6th.

It’s not prevarication or slackness on my part. I’ve been writing on the train to work, in my lunch hour, on the train home, at home, in bed, on the toilet, even while sleeping ! My lack of god dammit!

July 6th.